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Parent Workshop - Week 2

Week 2 of the Parent Workshop!

One of the things you will hear me say a lot is how quickly time just flies! Every week it feels like I just said 'see you next week'!

Pregnancy Massage, birhting ball, antenatal classroom
Parent Workshop - Week 2

After week 1 and covering what the labour journey is we will break it up a little more - preparing for the hospital, a guide for birth partners and also covering the 2nd stage of labour in more detail - which breathing technique is best for birthing your baby and also talking about if baby or mum might need or want some extra support.

We will talk about what an episiotomy is and also what a ventouse and forceps deliver looks like as well as a cesarean/gentle cesarean. We will cover what it is, when this may be needed as well as giving you the tool to knowing how to make confident decisions before & during labour, birth & beyond.

We end week 2 with lots of time for you and your partner to practice together as we create that wonderful, low adrenalin atmosphere, breath together, practice movements and everyones favorite - learn some wonderful massage & other techniques for pregnancy and labour.

There is plenty of space for each couple to retreat into their own little space and really just enjoy this time together. This is also the point where partners start to feel a lot more empowerd as this is something physical they can actually do to support you!

I absolutly love to be a part of this small part or your journey and able to support you all in this way!

My next Parent Birth Workshop starts 24th April! Book your space now - perfect if baby is due in June or July! Spaces are limited to 6 couples.

Any questions - just e-mail me at:

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ana xx

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