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Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop

Week 5 starts our Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop - time really goes by quickly!

I found a new tool to play around with to make family-life-of-three-during-the-holiday-and-still-having-to-advertise-classes-a-lot-easier-!

I discoverd AI earlier today! 😅

So it may not quite sound like myself - however I tweeked it and showcased some of my favorite pictures I took throughout teaching my Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop to help create something special for someone who preferrs to teach antenatal classes face-to-face rather than works on the screen...😁 🥰This year we already welcomed more than 7 babies! I am so excited for all of my new-parents! 🥰

Next Workshop starts next Wednesday, 10th April with lots of spaces still available.

☀You can book your space here:

Or e-mail me with your questions at:

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ana x

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