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Infant Feeding Workshop

☀It's Wednesday! Week 4 of the Parent Workshop - aka our Parent Infant Feeding Workshop at St Matthew's Hall Stretford. So instead of a long post explaing what we do I tried to work on my video recording skills... Still space for lots of impovents! 🤣 However - I managed to stay under 60 seconds! It's all mirrowed but you will know what we covered! 😅

💜I loved tonight as we took our time and step by step explored everything about how breasfeeding works, the anatomy behind it and also explored PACED and Responsive bottle feeding and how to store breastmilk/infant feeding formula and so much more...

💜We also got the knitted boobs out and for the first time ever my wonderful couple was braving it and had a go at practicing how to express breast milk! It was so much fun! :)

Couple holding knitted breast for expressing breastmilk
Infant Feeding Workshop

☀Other dates for you diary:

My Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop will follow after my little Easter break in a couple weeks time - So if you would like to know more about the 4th trimester and how to care for baby - including crying - colic - calming AND Sleep! Then book your space now here:

I am really looking forward to meeting you soon! Ana x

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