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Hi! - And welcome to my page

Ana Bradley - Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond!

That’s me! I am your local Perinatal Educator - Trained by the Daisy Foundation an licenesed to offer all of the Classes Daisy offers at the moment and beyond September 2023 when The Daisy Foundation ceases to trade and evolves into new directions. My vison is to help and support new parents throughout their pregnancy journey and early parenthood - helping them to gain a wealth of knowledge and tools to give them the confidence for a positive birthing experience. Every pregnancy is so unique, and I am here to help you feel comfortable and empowerd  to make decisions which are best for you and your baby! I offer a variety of Antenatal Classes and workshops which ranges from gentle pregnancy yoga flows to comprehensive Parent Workshops - there is something for everyone's unique journey.

Ana Bradley

Who Am I


I am a mum of three beautiful and very active children. All of us love being out and about, especially on nice days exploring new areas that surround us.


As a mum of three I am well aware of the challenges and worries that may arrive with pregnancy and motherhood/parenthood!


When I was pregnant with my first child I realised quickly that there is an overwhelming amount of information on the topic.  This was on top of all the do’s and dont’s that well meaning friends and family shared.

Thanks to the Daisy Foundation - that is back in the days it was still called 'Lazy Daisy Birthing' - I was able to understand the changes in my body and learned the tools I needed for my own pregnancy. This lead me to be able to have a  confident birthing experience.  An experience I was able to anticipate with excitment rather than just fear!


My Active Antenatal Classes with Daisy stuck with me ever since and I am very passionate about passing on my knowledge. Whether it is your first or fifth baby, I want you to be able to feel just as empowered and confident on your own journey to parenthood.

The Daisy Foundation ceased trading 31st August 2023  -  celebrating more than 15 years of supporting 1000's of expectant parents from pregnancy right throughout the early years of toddlerhood...  so I am very excited to be able to continue to offer all these amazing and unique classes and workshops - just under a slightly different name.


They are here for you to gain all the skills and tools through evidenced based knowledge so that you can make your own confident and informed choices - and find some wonderful friends along the way, friends who can stay with you for life!

Group of pregnant women
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