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Read what others have to say about my Classes

Here are some lovley reviews I have recieved since I started teaching

Have you taken a Class or Workshop with me?
I'd love to hear from you - You can send me your Birth Story or Review
Thank you so much!

Carys - Parent Workshop


"We really enjoyed taking the Daisy Birthing Classes with Ana. We’re so grateful for everything she taught us in our classes and for her ability to answer any additional questions we had with ease. We felt really confident with all the topics covered and all the information she shared has really helped in our first week as new parents. Thank you so much Ana" :)

Stacey - Active Birthing Classes


"I attended Ana's Daisy Birthing class and really enjoyed it! I learnt a lot about the labour process and now feel much more confident about what to expect. Ana is lovely and the yoga poses that she taught us have also helped with some of my pregnancy symptoms. I'd thoroughly recommend Ana's class!"

Hannah - Active Birhting Classes


"I really enjoyed Ana's Daisy antenatal classes. Ana is really lovely and creates a supportive atmosphere in which to learn helpful information and techniques in preparation for giving birth. I feel more knowledgeable and confident now. Would recommend to any expectant Mum" :)

Collette - Active Birthing Classes

As a second time mum I wanted to have a more positive birth and labour so took Ana’s Active Birthing class and I’m so glad I did! I learnt so much about my body and techniques to remember in labour and I ended up having the most wonderful water birth with my little girl. The things I learnt definitely helped me to have such a positive experience. I really believe that knowledge is power and I’m so grateful for  not only the things I learnt with Ana but also the confidence I gained by arming myself with the additional information she gave me when I came up against some obstacles regarding my birth.

Rachel - Parent Workshop

Rachel  - Parent Baby/Postnatal

Ana was a supportive and clear teacher who made us feel very welcome in her class. We left feeling more confident about how to look after our baby in the early stages. We highly recommend the classes.

Laura - Active Birthing Classes + Active Birth Workshop

"Ana has made me feel so much more capable as I get closer to giving birth - it doesn't seem as daunting now and I have a lot more trust in my body! This course struck a great balance between practical tips for labour in terms of breathing, movement and positions and building self-confidence."

Rachel - Active Antenatal Classes



"The Daisy class was an amazing experience that helped me prepare for giving birth. It has helped take the fear of my decision to do an unmedicated birth into a more all around confident and positive view. Everything I learned served me and baby very well!"


Anna - Active Birthing Classes + Active Birth Workshop

"I would highly recommend Daisy Birthing classes to all pregnant ladies, I found the Daisy Birthing classes were really helpful,..lovely calming atmosphere,..learnt a lot about breathing techniques, meditations and exercises/positions and plenty of other useful information that has left me feeling much more confident and prepared for birth. Ana was really friendly and welcoming and always happy to answer any questions. She also sent lots of additional information to us after sessions for us to refer to. It was great to meet other local mums to be too. The additional workshop I attended with my partner was also really informative and helpful to go through the techniques together with my partner so he felt more prepared too. Thanks Ana for a great, friendly & informative class!"

Rose - Active Birthing Classes



"Daisy birthing is a great antenatal and birth prep class. Our teacher Ana was diligent, dynamic and helpful and had a friendly manner. I liked that she took on board our comments and modified her teaching accordingly.
As a second time mum I thought I would just come for some relaxation and yoga but I found the teaching and the exercises to prepare for labour just as useful second time round. It’s amazing what you forget! I also got a lot of understanding around what happened in my first labour, this element was quite a cathartic experience for me which I didn’t expect to get.
Really nice to get connected to with some other mums too who are going through a labour at same time and have a similar approach to birthing.
Overall it’s an empowering experience and I’d recommend it over NCT any day."

Laura - Active Birthing Classes

"Found the classes so relaxing and looked forward to them each week. Eve though I missed a few classes you helped me catch up and the repetition really helped with remembering things.

The follow upe-mails were also very informative - Thank you!"

Kristine - Active Birthing Classes


"It was amazing how much these classes helped me to feel relaxed. Having a stressful day-to-day routine, I was looking forward to these classes. Also I learned so much about birth and the process, I feel I am now ready for labour. Thank you Ana!"

Emily - Active Birthing Classes

"Really enjoyed the class. I think the breathing exercise will be really helpful and I now have some understanding of how they may have helped in my first labour."

Matthew & Nicola - Parent Workshop

"Very informative classes, backed up with medical evidence. Very good summerative e-mails that provided even more information if you wish to explore other topics. Ana was very supportive & open to questions throughout. It was really nice for the partners to attend every session & participate. Cannot recommend the classes enough, especially for first time parents."

Kristine - Infant Feeding/Postnatal Workshops

As a first time parents me and my partner booked the workshops as we were anxious about our new arrival. We finished the classes with so much knowledge and it really took so much fear away. I loved the face to face workshops. I could ask questions to filter out the facts from myths as the internet is full of myths. Thank you Ana for making us more confident parents-to-be.

Caroline - Active Birthing Classes

"Without a doubt, by the end of the 6 weeks I had turned from someone who was very apprehensive about the idea of a natural birth to someone who was full of confidence and knowledge about it (even to the point of looking forward to it!) and was able to make a clear plan about my preferences for birth with my midwife."

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