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Parent Workshop -Week 1

The Parent Workshop I offer is a comprehensive Workshop series for expectant Parents - it includes 6 weeks of content that is split in 3 categories - All things Birth - All things

Infant Feeding - and All things Baby/Postnatal (4th Trimester)

Antenatal group, Birthing Ball Position, Mum and New Baby
Parent Workshop - Week 1

It can be overwhealming with so many choices and online resources to find the right classes that helps you prepare for one of the most important and special events in your life - giving birth to that special someone who you carried with you for 9 month!

Over the next 6 weeks I want to brake this course down for you and explain what we do-...!

... starting with week one - The Labour journey!

Hearing the word 'labour' can often give rise to fear - what happens on day one of my course is - is that I will break down what 'labour' actually means!

Step by step we will go over the changes that happen in your body as it prepares for labour and what role you and your baby have!

The journey begins with the uterus and understanding what it is will give you powerful tools to work together with your body and baby to make labour a much more confident and less intense experience!

We will learn the role of gravity and how you can have an element of contol throughout your labour, slow down or speed up. You will know by the end of day one which positions are benefitial and which you might actually want to avoid! And most importantly you will know how to harness the power of your breath which can help you to feel calm and centred and also give your body a powerful support!

All along the way there will also be lots of helpful tools for your birth companion to help and support you in variouse ways! By the end of the first day we will have covered this beautiful journey in simple words that will end with you having your baby in your arms - figuratively speaking that is!

This is one of may absolute favorite classes to teach as I can literaly see the change in appearance from the beginning in parents - from anxiouse, nervouse, not sure what to expect - to 'oh wow, I can actually do this', 'we can do this together'! The most beautiful thing ever!

The next Parent Birth Workshop starts 24th of April here in Stretford! Perfect if your little one is due this summer!

Any questions? Just reach out at:

Or book your space here:

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ana x

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