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Eleventh Day of December - Eleven Scarves for waving!

Eleventh Day of December - Eleven Scarves for waving!

Once your little ones are a bit older we will have a "What's in the box" surprise each week - a new theme each week with a wonderful "That's not my..." story book and little probs that are lots of fun to discover and play with - whether these are scarves, rattles, foil, bubbles.... there will always be something new for your little one to explore.

What is something that your baby likes to play with?

Moving on to one more tradition - this one takes us to China!

"While in many countries around the world candies and pastries reign supreme when it comes to a Christmas sweet, in China, apples are the festive treat of choice. It’s believed the tradition comes from the similarity of the Chinese word for apple – ping guo – to the Chinese word for Christmas Eve – ping’an ye. Although Christmas isn’t an official holiday in China, it is becoming more and more celebrated each year. ‘Peace apples’ have become the go-to gift to give – they are regular apples packaged in special boxes or wrapped in colorful paper, sometimes adorned with Christmas messages. "

Excerpt taken from: CNN Travel, "Christmas traditions around the world" by Ashley Novak, CNN

I love a good food tradition! What are some foods you gift around Christmas?

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