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Windy Drops - Day Five of December

Day five of December - Windy Drops

At the beginning of our Baby Tinies Class we will start with Windy Drops! This is such a wonderful and simple routine which has many benefits - all in one!

As we hold baby safely in our arms facing all his/her new friends in class, we gently rock up and down and from side to side.

One of the many benefits that we will discover and talk about as we move and sway is the Moro reflex - or how to help to get baby used to change of hight! What is the Moro relex? It is also known as the startle reflex. Some baby's will have a stronger reflex than others.

When you attempt to put your baby down, have you seen them move their arms up and to the sides like they are starled by something?

By gently holding them and moving them up and down as we rock we can slowly help them get used to this new sensation of going down. Perhaps similar to the feeling of falling.

I am looking forward to introducing you to our Windy drops soon!

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