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Pregnancy Yoga Movements

It's Christmas Eve - eve!! Are your little ones excited yet?

What are some of your traditions on this night?

Day twentythree - I give you eleven flowing movements!

Pregnancy Yoga Movements
Pregnancy Yoga Movements

Our yoga-based movement is all specifically designed for pregnancy; to help ease pregnancy ailments as well as preparing your body for your birthing day.

The Active Birthing Classes are suitable from 14 weeks pregnant right up until baby’s birth and are adapted to suit all pregnancy related conditions and birth plans with ease.

I love the movement sections as every one of them has benefits for pregnancy and labour! I am excited to 'walk' you through each one of them and tell you all about it!

Any questions reach out to me at:

More details and how to book your space on my webpage at: https://

Pregnancy Yoga Movements
Pregnancy Yoga Movements

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