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Seventh Day of December! - And seven great discussions!

Seventh Day of December! - And seven great discussions!

Why do we come to baby classes?

We actually spoke about this very topic last night during our Parent Baby/Postnatal Workshop - When is it the right time to leave the house with your new baby?

Basically the time to leave the house with your new baby is when you feel ready to do so! Recovering from birth and nurturing your own little baby bubble in these early days is so important - especially as you get to know your new little bundle of joy, try to rest when you can and find your own little new routine as a new family unit!

At some point however you will probably feel that you are ready and perhaps just 'have' to leave the house!

The fourth trimester is an incredible time during which your baby will change everyday as he/she learns and grows - from fetal like characteristics in the very early days and weeks to becoming a laughing, cooing, and facial-expression-immitating little human. So much happens - and which better place to share all these exciting and wonderful firsts than with fellow new mama friends!

During our Tinies class we will go over variouse developmental milestones and talk about things that may also be challenging as a new mum! We love to imagine that new bubble of joy with baby - all perfect and rosy - but we do also know that it is not always that rosy! Windy babies - feeding baby - constant crying which may indicate colic - and many more challenges which may or may not arise!

We will make time and space to discuss all of these topics over the course of six weeks in a supportive enviroment where you know that you all go through similar experiences in one way or another - helping to uplift and comfort each other without judgement - building your own little village!

January bookings for my Baby Tinies Classes is now open! I am looking forward to meeting you then!

Ana x

Any questions you can e-mail me at:

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