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Quality Time

It's Thursday! Just one more day until the weekend!  - Quality Time

Active Birthing classes are run over a 6 week term giving you a perfect weekly time to relax and wind down.

I am always amazed at how quickly these six weeks go by!

Lets look at another Christmas Tradition round the world! This one takes us to Guatemala:

"How clean is your house?

In Guatemala, cleanliness really is next to Godliness. Locals believe that the devil and other evil spirits live in the dark, dirty corners of your home.

Therefore, they spend the week before Christmas sweeping up, collecting rubbish and then piling everything in a huge heap outside. Finally, an effigy of the devil is placed on top and the whole thing is set on fire.

It's called La Quema del Diablo, the 'Burning of the Devil'. The idea for Guatemalans is to burn all the bad from the previous year and start a new year from out of the ashes."

Excerpt taken from: Wanderlust - "The world's 12 weirdest Christmas traditions"

Now I like that - I'm still trying to get rid of the old before Christmas!... It's taking me a lot longer than anticipated...

Do you have a similar tradition in your home at Christmas?

Advent Calendar - Nine Blissful Hours
Quality Time

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