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Pregnancy Affirmations - 19th Day of December

Pregnancy Affirmations - 19th Day of December - How are you all doing?

Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and birth affirmations is a great way to prepare the mind for your upcoming birthing day. - And for this crazy but wonderful season, too!

Pregnancy Affirmations
Pregnancy Affirmations

The mind is so powerful and may well have a direct impact on how your body responds, so it absolutely makes sense that we make time in class to prepare both mind and body for the journey ahead.

I often get asked if I can send affirmations in my follow up e-mails to help prepare more at home as these are so powerful!

Do you have a favorite affirmation that helped you during your labour? Or perhaps to keep you on top and calm and positive during this crazy and hectic time?

Off to discover another wonderful Christmastradition around the world - This one takes us to: Canada! And I wish I would have seen this one earlier! But here we go, ready for next year!

Santa’s Mailbox

Address for Santas Mailbox
Santas Mailbox

"I bet we’ve all written a letter to Santa at some point – but did you know that he actually has an address? His mailbox is in Canada, and if you write him by December 16 – in over 30 languages, including Braille – he will write back.

Just send your letter to Santa Claus, North Pole H0H 0H0, Canada. It’s free and there are no stamps needed – because Santa is awesome. And so is the zip code of the North Pole."

Excerpt taken from: EF - "12 awesome Christmas traditions from around the world"

Courtesy to EF - Isabelle, "12 awesome Christmas traditions from around the world" : 

Isn't that amazing!! We will definetly be doing this next year!

Pregnancy Affirmations
Pregnancy Affirmations

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