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Ninth of December - nine smiling babies!

Who doesn't love a smiling baby! It is one of the most preciouse things to see and witness!

The first smile - or proper laugh is something magical! I remeber like yesterday when my daughter first laught so loud it was incredible! We just landed after an 8h flight when she was just shy of 5 month. Walking outside of the airport and feeling the still warm air which was quite blustery, she just started to laugh so loud and surprised herself with it! We all had to laugh with her and she hasn't stop laughing since!

When did your little one smile/laugh for the first time? Do you remember where you were or what might have triggered the laugh?

Do you have a picture of yourself and your smiling baby you might like to share in the comments with us? - I'd love to see it!

Moving on to another tradition which I came across this week! - This one takes us all the way to Mexico - The Night of the Radishes!

This really is an amazing tradition - as are so many  - every year on 23rd December the residents of Oaxaca, Mexico enter a competition during which they will carve the most incredible images of "saints, buildings, and La Pietà" The latter meaning "The pity". This traditions dates back to "when holiday market vendors tried to make the produce look more enticing."

Quote taken from "Atlas Obscura" - "The Night of the Radishes"

What a fun tradition to have developed over time!

What are some traditions that you are doing at the moment which may have come out of the blue one day? Is it a specific craft or perhaps something else? Share your pictures - I'd love to see some of your amazing traditions!

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