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Happy thirteens day of December!

Happy thirteens day of December! Can you believe it - December is just running away this year!

We have been through twelve days and each day gave you a new little sneak peek into my baby classes coming up in January! I can't tell you enough how very excited I am!

Places are limited - so book on now so not to miss out and be super prepared for the New Year!

The next twelve days I will slightly change the topic! I will give you little snippets of my signature class - if there is such a thing...  - The Active Birthing Classes!

These Classes will start up again in January as well!

So - on the thirteens day of December I give you:

‘Trust that just as your body knows how to grow your baby, your body knows how to birth your baby’

I think this is possibly one of my favourite lines from our relaxations in the Active Birthing classes.

Understanding how your body works during labour and what may help or hinder your labour is extremely powerful.

Trusting that your body was designed to do this.

Book your space now at:

Now onto another Christmas Tradition - This one takes us to New Zealand!

"Because summer falls during Christmastime for Kiwis, a number of their traditions center around a barbie, or grill, where families and friends gather for a casual cookout of fresh seafood, meat, and seasonal vegetables. The New Zealand Christmas tree is the Pohutukawa, a coastal species that blooms a bright-red color in December, providing shade during the sunny days as they sing carols in both English and Maori."

Excerpt taken from: Country Living - "20 Unique Christmas Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You" by Caleigh Alleyne

Courtesy to Caleigh Alleyne, Country Living:

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