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Happy second Advent everybody! - Ten Massage strokes!

Happy second Advent everybody! - Ten Massage strokes!

 Each Baby Tinies Class has a section during which we will build up different massage techniques - starting with baby's feet and legs we will work our way up the body. So many wonderful benefits are related to massage!

From positive touch that will help release oxytocin and endorphins, strenghening the bond between you and your baby to helping to develop the proprioceptive system and so much more!

 Each week we will learn something new - step by step so you can feel confident taking this routine home with you and use it whenever you feel like it!

And here is another tradition I found - this one takes us to Colombia!

Lights at Christmas seem to be everywhere we go now - and however they are arranged they just bring joy when looking at them.

This is what they do in Columbia on 7th December:

"On December 7 Colombia honors Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception with Noche de las Velitas (Night of the Little Candles), an enchanting celebration that marks the start of the holiday season. Colombians light up their homes and streets with millions of white and colored velas (candles) in patterned paper lanterns. The Night of the Little Candles was once a small-scale, family-centric affair, but over the years the decorations have become more creative and sophisticated, and electric lights are often used. Celebrations have become increasingly public too, with music and fireworks as well as food markets.

You can see something similar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the beloved Christmas Eve Farolito Walk up Canyon Road. Here the tradition calls for simple paper bags filled with a bit of sand and a tealight."

Excerpt taken from: Lonely Planet Editors - "8 Christmas traditions from around the world"

How do you display lights this time of year - if you do?

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