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First Advent - Full Inversions

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Happy first Advent! - Full Inversions

Today we light our first candle, have lots of yummy cookies and read our first Chrsitmas story! If you have seen my 1st of December post you will now know the wonderful origin of the Advent Wreath and also the Advent Calendar!

Full Inversions - lots of babies absolutely love them - once they are a few month old that is! As we go under the see and over the sea we will have some fun together! As promised - here is another wonderful tradition I came across while looking for them.

This is from the Phillippines:

"The Philippines likewise have a tradition of Mass, known as Misas de Aguinaldo (Gift Mass), which take place over nine days. Unlike many European countries, the Filipino Advent Mass takes place before sunrise, as traditionally farmers would need to be on the fields to begin their harvest immediately after. After each Mass Filipinos purchase and consume specific breakfast delicacies reserved for this holiday, like bibingke (cooked rice cakes), puto bumbong (purple steamed rice pastries) and salabat (ginger herbal tea)."

Excerpt taken from Culture Smart - Curtesy to Culture Smart -

I love this tradition of a specific breakfast - Do you have special foods you make and eat this month?

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