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Active Antenatal Education

Happy day twenty of December! - Active Antenatal Education

Each week we look at a different element of active birth principles in the antenatal segment of our Active Birthing classes.

There is nothing complicated or difficult to understand and it is all communicated in a concise and effective manner. Women are always amazed at just how much they learn and how much we cover in such a relatively short amount of time.

Understanding more about your options puts you in a far more powerful position and able to feel more in control on your birthing day.

Spaces for January are open and starting to book up - Early bird tickets are available so book your space now - A perfect gift for everyone expecting a baby in late February and March!

Any questions just e-mail me at:

I'm looking forward to meeting you in the New year!

Advent Calendar and Active Antenatal Education
Active Antenatal Educatiom

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