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Gravity during labour - Sixteens Day of December

Sixteens day of December!

Understanding how we can use gravity to our benefit during labour is a key point that runs through our education segment every week.

positions for labour and birth
Gravity during Labour

Imagine working against gravity, climbing and climbing - so much energy that is needed - so much more fuel being burned - now imagine if you go with it - with gravity! Wouldn't it be so much easier?

We can imagine carrying our shopping bag uphill to get back home - it would definetly be a lot easier to go downhill - we can't always change the way - but during labour we can -

Any upright and forward leaning position will help the uterus to rise with more ease - thus making contractions less intense compared to being in a supine position. Plus you will find that these positions will feel a lot more natural and comfortable to be in!

And if we do have to lay back - e.g. for an examination - we know why the contractions feel more intense and can change direction again! That knowledge can be very empowering in itself!

Why wouldn’t we use something so powerful to our advantage? Gravity during Labour!

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend!

positions for labour and birth, squatting during birth
Gravity during Labour

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