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First of December

Happy first day of December everyone! - What are your traditions this month?

I hope that you are all keeping warm and snug at these rather chilly temperatures! Each day I will share a different tradition or advent story I come across and also introduce some of the wonderful things my baby classes involve... Bookings for January will open soon!

December is a month of traditions - lots of them! My family and I absolutley love this time of year as we get ready and prepare to celebrate together.

One of our traditions which I brought with me from Germany is to make an advent wreath every year. We do see them all around but where did this tradition come from?

Many, many moons ago in Hamburg Germany there was a man named Johann Hinrich Wichern. He was a pastor and pioneer in an urban mission home to help the poor. The children that were helping would ask daily if Christmas had arrived yet - so one day Johann Hinrich Wichern built a huge advent wreath out of wooden cart wheels. He added 24 small red candles and 4 large white candles. The small ones were lit daily and one of the four large white ones were lit on each Advent Sunday before Christmas - thus counting down - Advent meanig the arrival of a notable person!

So there we go - we absolutley love lighting our candles each Sanday and reading a chrsitmas story together as we eat biscuits and have hot chocolate!

Coming together and reminiscing about the year gone is one of the many things we do in December - There are so many incredible things happening in 12 month - so many celebrations and traditions from different cultures and faiths!

What are some of yours? - If you don't celebrate Christmas at this time of year - what are some of your celebrations coming up or traditions you do around this time of year?

I'm excited to hear from you over the next 24 days - lets come together with a biscuit and a cup of tea/cocoa/ something else perhaps?... And spread some joy!

If you want to read more into the history of the Advent Wreath you can do this Here.

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