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Eights day of December - eight lovely mum friends!

Happy eights day of December - eight lovely mum friends!

From yesterday's post we know that having a village around you as you go through parenthood can be a lifeline in many instances - just sharing how you are with someone who goes through the same experiences in one way or another can lift great burdens - sharing and listening trying to solve queries or simply knowing that you are not alone - having someone to vent to without having to solve anything is so very important!

Through our class WhatsApp groups, the meet-ups after class, the discussion time in class….. I see friendships develop… term after term … and I see how many of those continue way beyond the Baby Classes, lifelong support networks are formed.

In a society where we don’t all live in areas where we know our direct neighbours and friends and family may not be so close at hand, I like to think these early baby classes and groups build villages that are growing strong.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’

Now to another tradition - this one takes us all the way to Jerusalem to find its origin - Hanukkah - also the Jewish festival of light.

As I mentioned in an earlier post there are so many wonderful traditions from all faiths that bring families and friends together throughout the year - and so it does throughout December.

Hanukkah started at sunset on the 'eve of December 7th - this year - and ends eight days later on the evening of December 15th.

These eight days are dedicated to the rededication of the temple by the Maccabees in 165 BC which was desecrated by the Syrians - this is done by lighting a new candle each night -

You can find out more about how candles are added and how they are lit each night here.

And more about what Hannukah is and where it originated from here.

Wishing all those who celebrate a wonderful time - Happy Hanukkah!

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